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Mushroom Pate and Butter - 6 jar Selection - Shipping only

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Product Details

This is a selection of all our mushroom butters and pates available - in a four ounce jar. You'll receive one of each, unless we're out of stock of one!

Morel Pate (dairy-free) - Savory tang with a woodsy bite, our dairy-free morel pate is delicious on a crusty baguette, crostini with carmelized tomato, or a warm omelete with asparagus and a glass of pinot noir.
Black Truffle Pate (dairy-free) - Nutty with a dark-chocolaty olive finish, our dairy-free black truffle pate is delicious on a chewy striato, panini with wild boar sausage, or roasted chicken with a glass of chianti.
Smoked Shiitake Habanero Pate - Campfire smoke meets earthy nuttiness, and with a spicy finish, our smoked shiitake habanero pate is delicious with black bean chips, on chicken torta with corn relish, or on grilled polenta with roasted peppers and a glass of reisling or mead.
Morel Butter - Silky and lush with a woodsy bite, our morel butter is delicious on a toasted baguette, roasted asparagus with lemon, or baked salmon and a glass of pinot noir.
Smoked Shiitake Butter - With a pronounced smoke and silky earthiness, our smoked shiitake butter is delicious on a costini with gooseberry compote, baked delicata squash, or ribeye steak and a glass of porter.

Porcini Pate (out of stock!) - Earthy with a creamy tang, our porcini pate is delicious on a rosemary cracker, savory crepe with fresh sorrel, or on a ground chuck burger with braised scallions and a glass of cabernet.

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