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Big News!

Big wonderful news! We've been working on a new website for a couple months now and we launched it today! It's so much easier to use and so much more beautiful than our old one. It's at the same address: If you go to that link and see an ugly site, keep trying or refreshing. Apparently it takes a while to fully "propagate" everywhere.

It's a bit of a soft launch as there are a few things we're still working on. But I decided: perfection is the enemy of... getting crap done! If all that's holding us up is a couple pictures and a little text here and there, it's ridiculous to keep delaying. Folks will be happy to see we now have a SHOP component of our website - instead of having to go to a separate (and awful) shop site. I believe this is up and running if anyone wants to test it out for this coming Saturday's farmers market! There will probably be kinks, but we'll figure them out as we go along. The site will also actually work and look good on your phones! And please know - we are not this amazing at building sites (if you have ever been to our old one, you know). We got help with this and would be happy to recommend the person we've been working with!

For all you non-local folks, we do plan to offer shipping of some of our items! That is not set up yet, though we hope to have that figured out in another month or two. So if you order something on our site, plan to show up at the Mill City Farmers Market to collect it!

In other big news, we're moving right along with logging. We brought home 270 logs on Friday which is a record for us! We might have been weighing down the trailer hitch a bit more than it can handle. Nothing bad has happened, but Jeremy did notice it was bending. Yikes! A new one has been procured, so no need to worry.

The thermometer has really jumped up since last time!

We are filling up the high tunnel with logs and looking forward to inoculations starting next month - which will really be here before you know it!

In other farm news, we spent January putting together a grant application and sent it in on the 31st. Fingers crossed for that - which of course means in due time we'll have more big news to share!

Lastly, some folks might remember that Jeremy participated in a Japanese TV show called Who Wants to go to Japan, back in 2016. I can't seem to find the link for the show now, but I know it's out there somewhere. It's all in Japanese anyway. They contacted us about doing a follow-up and a sort of "video letter" to the families Jeremy visited then. So we had a small crew here yesterday filming reflections, memories, responses to questions, and filming us making a shiitake mushroom pizza. Just another wacky day on the mushroom farm!


This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Spore recently - even though it's a bit blurry. It perfectly captures what a maniac he is whenever I'm doing anything in the kitchen! He wants to try everything. Recently he has snacked on: M&Ms, Cheetos, corn chips, boiled potatoes, a potato peel, and who knows what else! I'm sure he would have loved this fresh granola - if I'd left it unattended. Which I didn't!


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