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Here comes fall!

Cooler temperatures have arrived – in fact, we saw a few overnight lows in the 30s last week! It’s time to think about all the projects we want to get done before the snow flies.

We decided to paint the garage/shed even though the whole building probably just needs to be replaced. Hopefully a good coat of paint should help it stick around a few more years. Plus, it looks really good!

Before (but really “in the middle”)


It’s almost October and the mushrooms usually start slowing down in the cooler temperatures. At least, some of the mushrooms – our cool weather mushrooms like this weather! Also, all the logs we inoculated earlier this year have been incubating and they are finally ready to start producing. We’ve picked oysters, nameko, and shiitake from them! This is a huge relief as our incubation run did not go well last year. From our various outdoor areas we’ve picked over 1,000 pounds of mushrooms in the last two weeks!

But temperatures will go back down and everything will go dormant eventually. So we can finally relax… just kidding! We’ve got an electrical project we need to do and we’re planning a huge project of moving a small shed over to our packshed to be converted into a new indoor fruiting chamber. More on that in the future. We’re trying not to do too many projects this fall though…wish us luck!

(p.s. I’m on a little winter project to add stories from our newsletter to our website blog – which I’ve been terrible at doing! So I’m adding in some posts and back-dating them in case anyone wonders what’s up!)


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