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News! News!

We finally got our last load of logs last week - hooray! The last load was a little bit crazy, and we definitely had some issues, but we eventually made it home!

We finished the little indoor inoculating area and started inoculating too!

It's our little home away from home.

Nice and cozy in here for inoculations!

We had a bit of a short week, so 150 down...

...3850 to go!! All the logs on the left (under blue tarps all the way to the back) will eventually be all done and stacked on the right.

In other great news... drumroll.... we applied for a 2022 Lakewinds Organic Field Fund grant - and we got it! Hooray! You can see the other farms that got grants and what their projects are on the Lakewinds website.

What is our project you ask? We are expanding our indoor fruiting! That may seem a little funny when you look at all those logs in the last picture - logs that grow outdoors. What about those? We will continue to do log cultivation because we believe in the quality and superiority of log-grown mushrooms. They're the best! However, they don't grow in the winter and the space requirements for growing on logs indoors year-round is too much. We want to keep you folks in mushrooms all year round! We also want some indoor fruiting spaces that aren't quite as piecemeal/DIY. So we're building a space to better meet our needs - so we can meet your needs for amazing, tasty mushrooms. More information to come, so stay tuned!


FARM TOUR! July 16, 2022

Mark your calendars everyone! We will be part of the 2022 Eat Local Co-Op Farm Tour this coming July! Details aren't up on the website yet, I assume out of caution in case Covid rears its head again and things all get cancelled again - but we're hoping all will be well and the tour will happen!

This has been an annual event for many years organized by many of the co-ops in the Twin Cities. There are farms all over the region that will be on the tour. It's a great chance for folks to get out and see where your food is grown! The tour is from 10am to 4pm. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you then!


Jeremy has been feeling under the weather for almost a week now. Poor guy! Luckily, Spore is always there for a snuggle when Jeremy lays down on the couch. Spore will make everything better!


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