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One of our neighboring farms is Sleepy Root Farm. We met them last fall when they came to our first open house. (Yes, we will have another open house! Eventually!) We now have a mushroom add on with their CSA.

Last weekend Sleepy Root hosted a party on their farm for all the local farmers and farm employees to get to know each other. Two of our farm employees, Seth and Roxy, went to the party, and Jeremy followed after packing mushrooms for the CSA.  Sleepy Root had a litter of kittens that were quite popular. Seth, Roxy, and Jeremy all fell in love with one particular cutie and it was decided that we needed a farm cat!  (Well, another one. There were some last year, but they seem to have disappeared!)

So little Spore came home to the farm.


He is, as you can see, ridiculously adorable and I warned Jeremy that no one would be able to get any work done now that he has everyone wrapped around his little paw.

It’s nice to have a snuggly friendly animal on the farm again.  Our flock of chickens and two ducks just aren’t that snuggly!


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