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Working on the farm

Last week we said goodbye to a couple of interns. Somehow they had only been on the farm for two, two and half weeks, but it felt like so much longer - like they'd always been with us. They learned the ropes so quickly, did so much on the farm, and jumped into everything so willingly and happily! I think they learned a lot about production mushroom farming and we sure enjoyed having them around. It's so quiet around here with them gone now!

We have another intern, or maybe two, coming in another two weeks and we're talking with some folks who are interested in coming out next year.

I don't talk a whole lot about our employees or interns. Some of you know about some of the shenanigans we've had to deal with in the past - but every employer can tell stories of people that didn't quite work out. Not talking about all the help we have might make you think we do this all by ourselves. Not even possible! Well, Jeremy did do it all by himself for the first many years, but for the last 5 years we have grown too big for just one person to do all the work. We couldn't do it without our employees and interns!

And yes, sometimes folks come to work on the farm and it just doesn't work out. I like to think that these people at least have learned something about farming and have a better understanding of whether farming is the path for them.

Our interns enjoying a little fire after a days work.

Now then, wish us luck because our pump is STILL broken! It broke last Sunday and it has been almost impossible to find someone available and willing to come take a look. Some well companies are only installing, not maintaining; some folks are retired and not fixing things anymore; and anyone else appears to be booked solid for weeks or months to come! Luckily we have city water or we'd really be up a creek. But this garden hose hooked up to the mudroom sink, out through the window, and snaking across the farm all the way up to the high tunnel does not have a lot of pressure. We've been making it work, but the incubating logs are drying out again so we could use some rain! And a pump company to come and fix the pump!


Finally, as promised, one of the amazing pictures by Scott Streble, a photographer who came out to take photos of the farm last month. He got so many great photos and Spore really showed off for him. This is Spore coming up the road, on the hunt.


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