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Meet the Farmers

Our Wisconsin Mushroom Farm grows a variety of mushrooms organically on wood logs. 

Northwood-Mushrooms-Wisconsin-portrait Aimee and Jeremy.jpg

Jeremy and
Aimee McAdams

Northwood Mushrooms is owned and run by Jeremy and Aimee McAdams. We started our first logs in our side yard in Minneapolis in 2009 and the farm has just grown and grown since then! Aimee has an off-farm job to support the farm and Jeremy works full time on the farm. When there is any free time, we enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders, reading, watching movies, and snuggling with Spore, the farm cat.


We have a few employees throughout the year to help with logging, log inoculations, soaking mushroom logs, harvesting mushrooms, packing mushrooms for stores, and running the farmers market booth. We also welcome several volunteers, interns, and WWOOFers to the farm each year.


Spore is the resident mouse-hunter and napper extraordinaire. He was adopted from a nearby farm in 2017. He started out as an outdoor barn cat, but he always knew he was meant to live indoors and his dreams came true in mid-2019.  When he’s not napping in a cozy spot inside, he can be found hunting for critters in the woodshed and fields or scratching up any nearby log or tree. He sometimes joins in on tours of the farm.

chickens outside.jpg

We had chickens for almost 10 years and then decided to take a little break, which turned into almost four years without chickens! We sure did miss them. In the summer of 2021, we got chicks to start a new flock. We have Light Brahmas, Americauna, Speckled Sussex, and Silver Laced Wyandotte. The hatchery threw in some “bonus” chickens so we have one solid white chicken (of unknown variety) and one big fluffy brown one with impressive leg feathers who we have named Pantaloons. It’s great to have fresh eggs again and to watch these goofballs figuring things out every day.

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