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Mushroom Farm Share & CSAs


Mushroom Farm Share

We now offer mushrooms on subscription year round, both directly and through CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable farms to bring local mushrooms to families on a bi-weekly basis. CSAs are generally paid for in advance and give families a full growing season’s worth of vegetables or other farm products. Most CSAs are in the summertime, but we now partner with two that offer veggies and mushrooms in the off-season!



Here are the basics of our
Mushroom Farm Share:

  • Eight to ten bi-monthly mushroom shares added to your CSA box.  You will get a selection of fresh mushrooms that are mostly grown on our farm.  That means they are certified organic, either cultivated outdoors on logs and in mushroom beds, or in sawdust "blocks."  We also included wild-crafted or foraged mushrooms in summer CSA shares.  For example, you’ll receive log-grown shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, and other cultivated and foraged mushrooms like hen of the woods and chanterelles.  We don’t include the most basic mushrooms like buttons and portabellas; we want this to be an opportunity for you to get some of the tastiest mushrooms available, and perhaps ones you’ve never tried before!

  • Each share includes a third of a pound of mushrooms. Preparing mushrooms (even rare ones) isn’t as challenging as you may think.  It’s sometimes as simple as sautéing them in butter or olive oil with some garlic and eating them on a baguette or pasta.  Still, we provide a recipe for each mushroom delivery that should give you an idea of how to make the most of the mushrooms you’re getting. 



  • We aim to provide really fresh and exciting mushrooms to you at a good value.  We come up with the cost of the mushroom farm share by totaling up the cost of producing and packaging mushrooms, purchasing some others, delivery costs, and a little to our Veggie CSA partners for all their work!  Because some mushrooms cost more than others to grow or produce, some weeks you will get mushrooms that are more expensive than the average you pay, while other weeks you’ll get mushrooms that are less expensive.  On average though, the cost of each delivery is about 10% less than what you’d pay in grocery co-ops.

  • Besides fresh mushrooms, for many of our CSAs you’ll also receive at least one of our mushroom add-ons: reishi mushroom browniessmoked shiitake mushroom butter, and/or shiitake powder.

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We can’t tell you ahead of time exactly which mushrooms you’ll get on which week, but here’s an example of a mushroom share season for one of our veggie CSA partner farms from last year:

June 26 – Beech mushrooms and a reishi mushroom brownie

July 10 – Gray oyster mushrooms

July 24 – Lion’s Mane mushrooms

August 7 – Shiitake mushrooms

August 21 – Chanterelle mushrooms

September 4 – Gray oyster mushrooms

September 19 – Hen of the Woods mushrooms

September 25 – Shiitake mushrooms and jar of smoked shiitake butter


Here are the farms we're working with in 2022. Stay tuned as we may be adding more! 


Blackbrook Farm
Farm Farm

Fresh Earth Farms

Good Acre
Threshing Table

Sweet Top Farm


Foxtail Farm NEW!

Sogn Valley Farm NEW!


Northwood Mushrooms Direct CSA


If you’re not part of one of these veggie CSAs (listed above), but would like a regular supply of mushrooms throughout the year, you can purchase a mushroom farm share directly through us!  The details are basically the same as above, except you pick up your share at the Mill City Farmers Market.  Pick-up is every other week and in 2022 it will start on Saturday, May 7th.  Click the link below to go to our shop and purchase a share. You can also stop by the market and purchase your share there. 

Our summer direct CSA aligns with the summer Mill City Farmers Market, and we'll also be offering a winter mushroom CSA that picks up during all the winter MCFM markets!

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