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Where to Find our Wisconsin-grown Mushrooms

Grocery co-ops and stores

We sell bulk and packaged shiitake mushrooms and other specialty mushrooms to many grocery stores in the upper Midwest, especially in the Twin Cities. Examples include Seward Co-op, Wedge Co-op, and Mississippi Market.

Northwood Mushrooms at Eastside Food Co-Op
Northwood Mushrooms at Hampden Park Co-Op
Northwood Mushrooms at Lakewinds Food Co-Op
Find our Wisconsin Mushrooms at Mississippi Market Co-op
Northwood Mushrooms at River Market
Find our Wisconsin Mushrooms at Seward Community Co-op
Find our Wisconsin Mushrooms Wedge Community Co-Op

Enjoy our Mushrooms at these Restaurants

You can enjoy our mushrooms cooked in various dishes at the following restaurants:

Farm Table Featured Farmer.jpg
logs at EggPlant.jpg

Garden and Farm Stores


You can find mushroom growing log kits and firewood at these stores:  

Mill City Farmers Market - Northwood Mushrooms

We’re happy to offer our products year-round at the Mill City Farmers Market in downtown Minneapolis most Saturday mornings for pre-order and pickup.

Saturdays at

Mill City Farmers Market

704 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Times are listed on the market website, and our dates are listed in the calendar below. Please pre-order items for any of our Saturday markets by each Thursday before the market so we can have your pickup ready.

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