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We are now shipping dried mushrooms
& mushr
oom powders.

Pre-order Mushrooms

year-round pickup at the Farmers Market!


Mill City Farmers Market

750 S Second Street, Minneapolis

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You can find many of our products year-round at these
Minnesota Co-ops

and Markets:

Chaga Powder - Stock up!

In stock
Product Details

Our Stock up boxes contains 6 bags of powdered mushrooms - each of which are 1 oz.

Chaga mushroom (conks) typically grow on birch trees in cold climates. They are high in antioxidants and reduce inflammation. Chaga may also slow growth of cancer cells, lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
We dry and then powder these foraged chaga, Add this nutritious powder to hot cocoa, tea, smoothy, coffee, or brownies!
Our prices include a small credit card processing fee.
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