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We now have indoor production space!

More "Building Against All Odds"

This project has taken a long time, but we have finally "finished" our new building, meaning we now have a floor and it's all sealed up! Is there more work to do? Yes, but we've started really using it!

We'd like to send out a shout out to both the Lakewinds Food Co-op Organic Field Fund grant and the Menomenie Market Food Coop Fund our Foodshed grant, both of which made it possible to get this far with this project! Our LOFF grant (2022) helped us to pay for the construction of the building, while the FOF grant (2023) made it possible for us to put in a concrete floor (you don't know how great this until you have to move things around on dirt or sand =)

Moving uninoculated logs into the new building
Moving uninoculated logs into the new building
Indoor production space filled with mushroom logs, equipment, and supplies
Main space - filled with mushroom logs and other equipment and supplies
Inoculation space in new building - sectioned off with plastic
We blocked off one area of the new building - closest to our old building - for our inoculation space
View from new building and inoculation area into pack shed through open overhead door
We can really open up the new building to the old one by opening up an overhead door!
log inoculation area including log drilling and inoculating table,okuda pegasus inculator and waxing station
new log inoculation set-up, including table, and waxing station
new inoculating area - adjacent to the overhead door and log drilling station
We can easliy move in un-inoculated logs through the new overhead door!

Moving birch mushroom logs into the new building


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