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Our numbers have been down a bit on shiitake so we were pretty excited about how well the logs did last week. It felt like there were a lot of mushrooms to pick!

It's hard to get a really good picture depicting just how many mushrooms there are. Picture a dozen to two dozen mushrooms on each log, 40 logs per rack, rack, after rack, after rack... It adds up! In fact, from Thursday to Sunday last week, we picked over 250 pounds of mushrooms - over 200 pounds of which were shiitake! Wahoo! That's a lot of picking! A lot of picking in a hot, sweaty high tunnel and some late night picks too. Ha!

Over the weekend we also got a bunch more rain - yay! I guess instead of raining a little about once a week or so, this summer we're going to get a ton of rain every 4-6 weeks. It's not ideal, but we'll take the rain however we can get it! The rain also came with an enormous thunder and lightning show. Lightning sometimes serves to "shock" the mushroom logs and cause them to grow mushrooms. We'll be keeping an eye out in the shade structure for an abundance of mushrooms coming on any day!

The fruiting chamber is coming along nicely! The wall panels are pretty much done and - we have a door now! Craig also started on electrical yesterday and we're talking about all the plans for the variety of systems that need to be installed.

Inside - panels are mostly up and we have a door!

From the outside - with a door!

We're excited to see what the next week brings as far as progress!