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Mushroom Growing kits - on logs!

Why start growing mushrooms with a mushroom growing kit?

Because there are lots of ins and outs to making a mushroom growing kit, that's why!

A shiitake mushroom growing log kits on the ground among some wild ginger
Here's one of our shiitake mushroom growing log kits

I think a great way to start growing mushrooms is with mushroom growing kits. Back in 2008 that's how I got my start, with a little help!

There's nothing wrong with experimentation - you should do it - but you should be prepared too for disappointing results!

Mystery mushroom from bag of sterilized straw inoculated with oyster spawn
Mystery mushroom from bag of sterilized straw inoculated with oyster spawn

Most mushroom growing kits are like this - made from some mushroom growing media or "substrate" that has been sterilized and inoculated with mushroom spawn - a usable form of the mushroom organism. These kits are usually in a sterilizable plastic bag. They can be grown indoors quite easily, and grow mushrooms quickly after purchase - though they will also be finished fruiting soon thereafter too!

Mushroom log kits - on the other hand - take longer to grow, but they are also productive for a few years, and the results of mushroom growing log kits are especially tasty!

Chestnut mushrooms growing from aspen mushroom growing log kit
Chestnut Mushrooms with their nutty flavor and crisp texture - grown on logs!

I do believe making your own mushroom logs is easier than other media - since it doesn't require sterilization - and requires very little equipment. You can find more on how make mushroom logs here.

Even so this has some pitfalls - such as using poor wood, sealing holes improperly, or not using enough spawn for the log. And you need to incubating them in the right environment and with proper watering!

Olive Oysterling Mushrooms growing on red oak
Olive Oysterling kit: a fall fruiting log, OO have a buttery texture and delicious taste!

Nameko Mushrooms growing on black cherry log
Nameko Mushrooms - a fall fruiter - have a delicious cashew-like flavor

Lion's Mane Mushrooms - on oak log
Lion's Mane Mushrooms - we hope to have these log kits available next year

Lion's Mane Mushrooms on aspen logs
Lion's Mane Mushrooms - we will have these log kits available next year

Shiitake log kits
Shiitake log kits

Turkey Tail mushrooms on red oak
Turkey Tail mushroom logs

Shiitake and Oyster mushroom log kits
Mushroom log kits

White oyster mushroom log kits
White oyster mushroom log kits

Golden Oyster Mushroom logs

Mushroom growing log kits at EggPlant Farm Supply
Mushroom growing log kits at EggPlant Farm Supply

If you'd like to try growing mushrooms with one of our mushroom growing kits, you can purchase them in a few ways:

  • purchase a log kit through our online shop:

  • purchase from us at the Mill City Farmers Market, a year-round farmer's market in downtown Minneapolis. We will always have some available. but you should pre-order on our online shop if you want to make sure we have the kit you're interested in!

  • We offer some of our log kits through Mother Earth Gardens (Minneapolis) and EggPlant Farm Supply (St. Paul)

  • And more recently we've been offering kits at spring plant sales - such as the Friends School of Minnesota!

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