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Add mushrooms to your garden this year!

There are several ways to add mushrooms to your garden. You can get a log kit to put in a shady spot. You can put in Wine Caps or Almond Agaricus which will grow in wood chips/straw or compost, respectively. (So you don't need to go cut down any trees!) Almond Agaricus like to grow under tomatoes.

Or, you can make your garden borders out of shiitake logs! As we've mentioned before, we've decided to sell our fourth year logs. They aren't productive enough for us - but they can still be productive for you! I thought folks would get these and set them up much like we do - for the sole purpose of waiting for some tasty shiitake to emerge. I forgot they could also be used for garden borders, which is embarrassing because we've been using them as borders for four years now. You think I would have remembered that!

Clearly I need to weed this particular garden bed! Also, look how old and spent this log is - how is it still making shiitake!? Magic.

We used them as a border for our original wine cap and almond beds and for the new ones in the Almond House. I think it's possible some of these logs are 5-6 years old now and they still make a handful of shiitake every year. So, if you can get yourself out to the farm, we'd be happy to hook you up with as many logs as you need! They're about 4 feet long and are $5 a piece!

In other news, we have almost 2,000 logs inoculated so far! Still so many more to do. We will be taking a quick break from inoculating this week to get our shade structure put up. It will be so much easier to pick shiitake and oyster when we don't have to crawl around under the shade fabric any more!


Spore has always napped on one of the couches in the living room, but last week he discovered the fancy chair in the office. That's where he naps now and he doesn't leave us much room on the chair!


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