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Break, part two!

Okay, it was only a month ago that we had a little vacation away in Seattle for a family wedding, but with how crazy it was before and after - and really all of October - we needed an actual, real vacation. No need to interact with family (no offense family!), no schedules, nothing we needed to do, etc.

So we managed to squeeze in our annual trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota, after all! This is our fourth year going up there and we just adore that little town. Things start closing down as early as September (it's really a big summertime destination) but we were surprised how much was still open. We ate some lovely meals, explored the beautiful outdoors, and generally rested and relaxed as much as we could.

Taking a break is so wonderful, we might have to try it a little more often. Maybe... twice a year! Ha!

From our hike in Cascade River State Park.

Sunset over Lake Superior.

We left the farm in the hands of our capable employee and when we came back this afternoon, we found this!

Progress on our pack shed project! It's about to feel a bit smaller in the pack shed with this room going in, but it's all for a good reason - which we'll reveal eventually!

With a little rest and relaxation, we're ready to get back to fall and winter projects. Bring 'em on!


Spore in his happy spot - snuggled on the couch with Jeremy!


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