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We are into week 14 of force-fruiting, and over five straight months of our outdoor season. The shiitake are still going strong even as the temperatures start to cool. We are short-staffed and burning the candle at both ends - and the middle probably too! Most farmers are feeling this way about now - farming is intense!

Jeremy is doing deliveries in town today and I am trying to unwind a little by doing some garden work - flowers and bulbs, not veggies. Ironically, the township and county are finally paving our road today, so my "relaxing" day of gardening is accompanied by a half-dozen large road building machines going up and down the road all day! I'm laughing about it though and not upset at all. I am so excited this road is getting paved! It gets used A LOT and folks speed up and down it all summer causing great clouds of dirt/dust. So everything is dirty. Our neighbor says he gave up washing his car and front windows. So it will be a very nice change.

I've got to get back out to gardening before the rain arrives! I'll leave you with a few pictures of the mushroom goings on...

Our Nameko mushrooms went from 0 to 60 a week or two ago. They love the fall! We've been picking a ton of them. They are amazing little mushrooms.

Log kit oysters! If you did the WEI workshop with us in the spring, check your log kits! We've been terrible about watering ours, but I guess it finally got enough rain and made a bunch of oysters last week.

Workshop cancelled!

Due to Covid concerns, The Women's Environmental Institute has CANCELLED their 12th Annual Will Allen Farmer Training Weekend. We'll most likely be doing workshops in the spring, so stay tuned!


I was in the packshed working on things until late last night. I came in expecting that Jeremy had already gone to bed. Instead, I found him passed out on the couch with Spore in his arms. AWWW! My two guys! 😍


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