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We have several things to celebrate on the farm this last week.

First, it was farmer Jeremy's birthday! We took a couple hours away from the farm and met his mom and sister's family at a sweet park near the farm for a picnic. This included, of course, The Cake! For the last several years I've been making Jeremy this extravagant gluten-free "log" cake: layers of almond and chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, chocolate "bark" on the outside, and cute little marzipan mushrooms.

Another reason to celebrate is that we have such a good crew of employees and interns right now that we were able to escape the farm for a couple hours and know everything was in good hands and getting done. Yay!

Next up: the 2020 logs are fruiting nicely! I'm not sure what we'll do with those 2019 ones. It's hard to imagine pitching them all out - some of them are fruiting. But the 2020 ones are doing much better. Yesterday evening Jeremy asked me to do the "late pick," a final pick we do in the late afternoon or early evening. If we don't pick those mushrooms then, they will be over-mature by the next morning - that's how fast they grow! He thought there weren't really that many and it would just be a quick task. Well, there were quite a few and I picked over 8 pounds! It was nice to see them doing so well and so many coming on.