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Everything is hot!

Inoculations update...again. I know, we're like a broken record here! But inoculations are almost over! We have about 1,000 logs left and we're quitting in two weeks, no matter what. So the question is - how close will we get to finishing??

Last week we inoculated all the log kit logs. We do these ones a little differently and we always have to estimate how many log kits folks will want a year from now. We never sell our log kits freshly inoculated; we let them incubate for a year first. The incubation period is so important and we want to make sure people have a good experience with their log kits. Now that they are done, we're back to the faster logs. The guys did 161 logs on Friday! A new record!

Behind the scenes! Our low-tech tracking of how many logs we inoculate each day.

With the hot, hot weather we've been having, the cold weather varieties of shiitake and oyster are on break. But our heat loving Golden Oysters are popping out!

We love their butter yellow color.

Over the weekend we picked up compost to re-inoculate the Almond Agaricus beds so that will hopefully be happening soon. And we'll be starting force-fruiting very, very soon - so soon we'll be a broken record about how many shiitake we're picking every day! =)


Spore has been hot, hot, hot this last week! He's spent a lot of time stretched out across the floor trying to get any coolness he could find.


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