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Indoor fruiting chamber is under way

We were the recipients this year of a grant from the Mill City Farmers Market to help start up some indoor mushrooms. Our outdoor season is mostly over so there is finally time to start building the indoor fruiting chamber and getting mushrooms going.

Last weekend we cleared an area in the pack shed and started installing a walk-in cooler box. Instead of using it as a cooler though, we’ll be warming it up so mushrooms can grow inside. Spore the farm cat was very helpful!


As we reached the end the last wall piece gave us a lot of trouble. Jeremy was sitting on the ground trying to get the wall to stay together. “A lap!” is what Spore thought so she attempted to sit in Jeremy’s lap while he was trying to get the wall together. So helpful!


Mostly done! We fit in a few layers of insulation on the floor as well. We need to fix that hole in the wall and then get some shelving into the space. We need to figure out a mix of heat, humidity, and fresh air as well, but hopefully soon we’ll be growing mushrooms in here! There won’t be enough to sell to grocery stores and restaurants. Our plan is to have them available for the winter farmers markets and maybe some winter CSA shares.


The other big news on the farm is a changing of the guard. Andy, who was with us for about a year, moved back home to Pittsburgh. We’ll miss him – and his dog Kuma! With the growing season wrapping up our temporary worker Tony also moved on to another job. A few weeks ago we welcomed Desire as our winter worker. She’ll be helping with logging and inoculations and other winter projects. We’re happy to have her onboard and we’re looking forward to winter on the farm.


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