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Moving piles around

Back in May we attempted a little contest over on the Facebook page: when are we going to (finally) finish inoculations for the year? The post was:

This is how we keep track of how many logs we’ve inoculated. It’s nice to know how far we’ve come when there are 5,000+ logs to inoculate! We are nearing the end though. Last Friday we had finished 4,345. Today we’re at 4,620. We’re nearly done with the logs we have now and our last load of logs will arrive early next week. We’ll probably end up doing 5100 to 5300 logs in the end. So, let’s have a contest! With prizes! In the comments, enter your guesses as to what date you think we’ll reach 5,000 logs, and what date you think will be the last date of inoculations for the season. (Hint: we cannot possibly reach 5000 this week, but it’s possible we might make it next week.)

The whiteboard Jeremy uses to track inoculations.

Unfortunately, the last load of logs from the logger never came, so we never got up to 5,000 logs. But we got close! For the last month and a half or so we’ve been working on getting all the inoculated logs out of the high tunnel so we can use it for fruiting.  As of yesterday afternoon, these were the logs still left to move:

rest of the logs

The last of the logs! The tarp, etc, is to keep moisture in the logs.

Just this morning, these last logs were moved! Our trusty workers (Seth, Roxi, and Merrill) loaded them up and took them off to the laying yard.

Out of the high tunnel and down that road you can just barely see:


Down and around the road:


And finally to the laying yard!

The nearly 5,000 logs will hang out in this sun-dappled forested area through the summer and fall while the mycelium spreads through the logs. It feels great to have all the inoculations done and all those new logs finally out in the woods. Now we can focus solely on fruiting mushrooms…. and picking, and sorting, and packing… and selling, and the Farmers Markets, and making mushroom butters and spreads! Just a few things!


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