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Moving time!

We are not moving, thank goodness! We have way too many logs to ever move this farm again. But we did move a building this last week! 

As mentioned in our late-October newsletter, we have a shed on the farm that we wanted to move and repurpose into a new fruiting chamber. The idea was to wait for it to be snowy and sled the shed over. But we’ve hardly seen a speck of snow since October! But the ground is cold enough, and in icy enough in parts, that we decided to give it a try. 

a small building with vinyl siding and a hole in the end sits on piles of wood pallets next to a house.

Here’s the shed! Sitting patiently next the house. 

Small building with a window hole, resting on pallets on the left side, on the ground on the right; a skidsteer is driving by

We removed the windows, attached temporary skids (pieces of 2×4) to the bottom of the shed, and then removed the pallets and lowered the shed to the ground. 

We attached chains to the bottom, attached that to the skidsteer, and started dragging….