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Moving time!

We are not moving, thank goodness! We have way too many logs to ever move this farm again. But we did move a building this last week! 

As mentioned in our late-October newsletter, we have a shed on the farm that we wanted to move and repurpose into a new fruiting chamber. The idea was to wait for it to be snowy and sled the shed over. But we’ve hardly seen a speck of snow since October! But the ground is cold enough, and in icy enough in parts, that we decided to give it a try. 

a small building with vinyl siding and a hole in the end sits on piles of wood pallets next to a house.

Here’s the shed! Sitting patiently next the house. 

Small building with a window hole, resting on pallets on the left side, on the ground on the right; a skidsteer is driving by

We removed the windows, attached temporary skids (pieces of 2×4) to the bottom of the shed, and then removed the pallets and lowered the shed to the ground. 

We attached chains to the bottom, attached that to the skidsteer, and started dragging….

We got it out to the road, now to move it towards the pack shed… 

Inching towards it’s new home!

shed with window hole is now sitting right next to a red pole barn

Done! The shed is snug (as it can be) up against the packshed, and sitting on the footings we had placed earlier. 

Other side of the shed, showing the door and torn up vinyl siding.

The siding got a little beat up on the move!

We’ve got lots of little projects on the shed now: changing all the wiring inside, replacing the roof, replacing the siding, framing in and covering over the old door and window, framing in the opening into the packshed, and much more! Hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of this done in the next several weeks before we get into the intense logging season.

Also this week, we drove over to eastern Wisconsin to pick up our big order of spawn for the year – at least, all that we could fit in the van! 

many, many bags of mushroom spawn in a large box

We had two very large boxes in our van, which we then had to move out by hand since our skidsteer is in the shop for maintenance right now. 

A person in a striped hat sits in a large cardboard box in a van, surrounded by bags of mushroom spawn

This of course meant I had to climb into the box of spawn again – it’s just easier to get the bags in the bottom if you climb into the box!

metal shelves full of bags of mushroom spawn

We completely filled up our walk-in cooler!

Now that we have the spawn we need for inoculations, we need to get logging!  The plan is to start this week – but we’ll see what happens. It’s usually snowy by this time of year so we can put logs in a big sled and sled them out of the woods. But there is no snow!  So we may have to wait a little longer to log and instead focus on getting the new fruiting chamber done!

(p.s. I’m on a little winter project to add stories from our newsletter to our website blog – which I’ve been terrible at doing! So I’m adding in some posts and back-dating them in case anyone wonders what’s up!)


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