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We are moving right along with projects. The next project on our list is a reconfiguration of the naturally fruiting area of the shade structure. This is where we keep the logs growing lion's mane, oysters, nameko, and cold-weather shiitake. These particular kinds of mushrooms don't respond to being force-fruited (dumped in a tank of cold water). They prefer to fruit when the temperature/humidity is to their liking. Thus, they are fruiting "naturally."

We keep these logs stacked in "crib stacks" - think Lincoln Logs. It's sometimes difficult to find and pick the mushrooms when the logs are stacked this way. We're planning a new way of storing these logs so it's easier to pick them - and easier to remove logs that are spent. The first step is getting rid of the really old logs that aren't producing anymore.

All the logs in the aisle, in the center of this photo, are the old ones that need to be tossed out! There are quite a few as we haven't culled logs from this area in a while.

As you can see, some of the logs are in pretty bad shape. This one has lost a lot of its bark and it's so old and used up, it broke in half!

This project may be going on for a few weeks, so stay tuned for more updates!