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Our exciting news from last week is how much progress we made on inoculations! A new employee started and he picked up the ins and outs of the Pegasus tool very quickly. We did about 500 logs last week, more than any other week this year!

We have about 1500 left now and we're hoping to be done by the end of the month. We have a bit of a slow down this week as we'll be doing the log kit logs - we seal the holes with wax for these logs so they take a bit more time.

The inoculated logs are really stacking up in the high tunnel. We just started the process of moving them out to the incubating area - even though there are still 2020 logs out there. Lots and lots of log moving!

The logs just keep going and going and going...

It has been HOT here for days which made our summer white oysters POP! At least something is enjoying this excessive heat!

We've also started seeing the Wine Caps coming up. They don't get moisture unless we water them, since they're in a hoop house, so we've got to get on watering them more so we can actually have some available at the farmers market. It's fun to walk through this hoop house and see mushrooms popping up all over.

Wish us luck as we continue to inoculate through this heat. Our employee said he lost 5 pounds on Friday - just water weight from sweating so much. Yikes! It will be better next year, right? That's always the plan: it will be great next year!


Hello, my name is Spore. Are you here to feed me?? I will accept ear scritches and pets as well. Just as long as you pay attention to me!

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