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Putting logs to bed for the winter

With the snow upon us at last, I had no choice but to take down the shade fabric from the main structure. You see, the seams between fabric panels and the structure itself aren’t designed to tolerate snow loads.


Last year I dismantled the structure so that I could use the main fabric to cover the logs during the winter, but this year I have enough – or nearly enough – to cover them without that main shade fabric.  On the right in the photo you can see black fabric lower down, which sits directly on the log stacks.

Covering the logs like this is important to shade the logs during the winter, but also to protect them from winter winds – which will freeze-dry them otherwise. I used some tarps and plastic sheeting when I ran out of shade fabric, since these will do the same thing during the winter. You do have to be careful though to open things up again during winter or spring thaws, or your logs will get moldy, which can happen above 40 degrees.

If you only have a couple of logs, it is probably better and easier to just move them into your garage or shed, but that certainly isn’t an option for me!


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