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As expected (hoped... planned...) we got the shade structure up this week! There is actually a little spot in the northwest corner that isn't quite done, but it is mostly up and SO much easier to pick mushrooms!

First row up!

Moving right along!

I somehow never took a final photo - but just imagine that black shade fabric wrapped all along the outside walls too! This provides the logs about 80% shade and protects them from drying out too much. Rain gets through easily so that helps keep things from drying out too. Speaking of rain, we have had so little lately! It feels like it has been weeks and it's so very dry. We finally dragged out some hoses and started watering the logs because the shiitake slowed right down to nothing. After some watering and a brief bit of rain yesterday, we're starting to see them come on again.

Last week I went to check out a few areas where Pheasant Back grow. Sure enough, they're starting to grow - or have been for a little while!

The next week or two are going to be a bit intense. We are now on our own! Our employee left over a week ago and the amazing intern we've had left today. We should have a temporary person starting next week and another person the week after that. It's a ridiculous time of the year for us to be starting all over again with new staff, but these things happen.


Another day, another computer desk, another lap to sit on!

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