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Snowed under - figuratively

Greetings farm followers and fans! First of all, we are very excited to announce that we all got our first round of the vaccine last week! Hooray! The next round is in three weeks. Hopefully we'll start to have volunteers, interns, and employees who have been vaccinated so we can all dispense with wearing masks around home. No matter what, we continue to keep safety first whenever anyone new comes onto the farm.

We had a couple from Bayfield (up north) join us for a day last week to help move logs around and learn more about the farm. We almost (almost) roped them into helping us put the shade structure fabric up. But then we realized, 'Wait a minute! It's barely even April. We can't put the fabric up this early - it's bound to snow again... surely..." It has snowed in mid-April the past two years - so, better safe than sorry! With the temperatures in the 70s today and tomorrow I'm certainly ready to call winter over and get to all the spring and summer activities!

And we do have a LOT of activities that need to be done. The ongoing project of course is inoculations! Here's our trusty thermometer, inching up very slowly.

In real life, it looks like this!

If we could work 40 hours a week on this it would be moving a lot faster. That's generally what we've been able to do in past years. But this year, we've got our indoor fruiting chamber up and running so there is at least one full day a week of putting orders together for deliveries on Saturday - plus picking the mushrooms 2-3 times a day. With only Jeremy and our one employee right now, it's feeling like we're snowed under!

Here's what we've got on the to-do lis