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Spring means babies

It felt more like summer here on Saturday (and today and tomorrow) with temperatures in the 80s, but we have a quick dip back down to the 30s overnight later this week, so it's still spring I guess! And spring means lots of babies!

Our log grown lion's mane like the weather so they've decided to start popping out. These little guys are about a half inch!

These shiitake are tiny, but they're determined to break through the bark of this log!

I guess these aren't baby oysters anymore - they grow so fast!

This fawn was snuggled into some grass up near the old log laying area. Babies everywhere!

We've also been enjoying lots of flowers on the farm - Spring Beauties, lots of different violets, lily of the valley, these lovely purple flowers, and even the creeping charlie is putting on a show of flowers. It was dry for so long and then we got so much rain everything leafed out and got huge almost over night.

Our newest employee was supposed to show up sometime today but we got a surprise when he showed up last night. Hooray! We made it through a week with just the two of us to hold down the fort. Inoculations are just about half way done. It's my hope with this employee and another one starting next week that we're going to see our "inoculation thermometer" start to rise very quickly. Fingers crossed!


Trying to find a cool place to nap on a hot day.


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