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That was a close one

The new fruiting chamber is coming along - we're pretty excited to see the progress!

Three panels are up on the ceiling and three panels each on the sides (though this photo only shows two). There are only a few panels left on this end to put in... and we suddenly thought: 'wait! electricity! lights! plugins! water!' Oops! Plumbing pipes and electrical are all patiently waiting outside the fruiting chamber, waiting for holes to be cut through the walls into the fruiting chamber.

Do we need to take down the panels so we can run all of that!? After some consideration, and remembering all the various shenanigans we've had with our current fruiting chamber, we decided it would be better to run all the systems in accessible conduit inside the fruiting chamber, right over the walls and ceiling. Then if anything goes wrong or we need to diagnose a problem, everything is accessible and we don't have to take off wall panels. Phew! That was a close one!

We have just about everything we need to finish this, except lots of time. But our employee Craig is managing to find an hour here and there and making remarkable progress.

We've gotten to that stage of the project where we're so close we kind of want to abandon everything else and get this done. But the mushrooms don't stop growing and must be picked! So... patience!

Chick Check!

The chicks are just over two weeks old and are so big! They've just sort of entered what we call "the awkward teenager" phase. They're growing out their adult feathers but they still have chick fuzz; their legs are getting so long but their bodies are a bit small still; all leading to them being gangly and awkward and sort of patchy looking!

They are going through much more food and water than two weeks ago. They enjoy the roosting bars I gave them and are quite capable of hopping up on top of the food and water containers. And the other day when I lifted the lid on their brooder, one of them flew right to the top!

Attempted escape!


This cat knows how to get comfy! We had a professional photographer out over the weekend and Spore was showing off for the camera quite a bit. We can't wait to share those photos with you!


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