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Some visitors to the farm come just for the food!

Oh deer - so much yummy grass to eat!

Some visitors... well I have no idea how this little guy got into our kitchen, into the pile of clean dishes next to the sink!

Hey, maybe there is more moisture here than outside! Ribbit.

Other visitors make their presence known, but we never see them...

This last picture shows the metal pole our bird feeders were hanging from - that is now bent almost in half! I'm pretty sure it was a bear! It happened at night when it was too dark to see anything, although Spore saw it and it terrified him. He ran and hid and wouldn't come out till the next day. We managed to get the pole bent back straight again (mostly) and I'm now putting the suet feeder away at night so we don't attract more bears!

As promised last week, there were definitely a LOT of shiitake to pick from our first batch of logs for the season. We are still picking them this morning!