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Hmm, “volunteers” usually means mushrooms, but in this case it means actual people!

Last weekend we welcomed several folks to the farm to help with various projects. We picked some apples, filled all the holes in the shade structure (yay!), picked some mushrooms, and moved some logs. It was fun to have several folks out at the farm lending their energy and hands and seeing the farm in full swing.

Loading up logs for fruiting:

Searching for mushrooms:

Some very happy mushroom “hunters:”

We got in on the action too, bringing in a couple new tables and a bunch of shelves I secured for us at an auction. That was an adventure!

Here’s a before and after of the south side of the pack shed where we added two new tables and a couple shelves. So much more space for boxes and packaging and so much more room for packaging! It’s a beautiful thing.

And here’s a before and after of the north side of the pack shed. It’s hard to capture the beauty of how much more organized this space is. I guess it looks like it’s still a bunch of pallets of boxes and things, but there are many things on the shelves so we can actually find stuff in the pallet piles. I guess you’d have to be here to see.

Speaking of being here, tomorrow, Saturday September 15th is our second “come on out to the farm and help us out” day this month. I’m very excited to say one of our main projects tomorrow will be planting two new cherry trees we just picked up. Out here on the farm it’s not just planting the trees – it’s building fencing around it to keep the deer out too! We still have plenty of apples to pick, some other plants to stick in the ground, and I’m sure mushrooms to pick and logs to move. So come on out any time tomorrow!


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