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winter work

Welcome to the website and blog for Cherry Tree House Mushrooms. I hope you find it interesting and entertaining in the way that I find all things farming and homesteading entertaining. It is no accident that this is my first post – since this is the off season for outdoor mushroom cultivation. It is the off season for cultivation, but not for running a farm, or building a community of mushroom cultivators and farmers generally.

Besides working on this site, I have been updating my records so that they are easier to update and understand later. Not exciting stuff, but I can get pretty excited about spending less time in the future inputting harvest, income or expense information. I have also been preparing for log inoculations, including arrangements for getting logs, purchasing spawn and other inoculations supplies. Oh, and my inoculation workshop has been used for a lot of other things since last spring, so I still need to tidy it up before we deposit hundreds of logs in there, a 12 foot inoculation table and a few volunteer inoculators.

Another winter project has been to convert our root cellar into a root cellar/walk-in cooler, so that we can keep large quantities of spawn and mushrooms in the summer, as well as potatoes, carrots and onions in the winter. I hope to post about that soon.


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