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Changes coming

We're working on one rather big project, a bit at a time, which I'm just going to keep quite about for the time being - till we see how things go. But it has involved some big moves in the pack shed. It's just not October/November around here if we aren't moving EVERYTHING around in that building!

It's hard to give a sense of what's going on - this (sort of before) picture won't look like much to most of you - especially anyone who hasn't been to the farm.

Looking into the packshed from the open garage door. Shelving and tables on the left side, shelving and piles of boxes and whatnot on the right side.

The picture above is already a big change from what we had one week ago. Many of the work spaces have moved around, and the storage, in an effort to clear out the northeast corner of the packshed.


Look at all that space! There are a couple odds and ends (which have been moved since this photo). I'm not sure how soon change will start happening here, so stay tuned!

Another change is with our firewood. We got such a big pile to split earlier this year and have had various folks chugging away on it all year.

I don't have a great before picture - the best I have is this one of Spore exploring the pile back in March:

Our pile was four deep and stretching across the whole front of this building plus a bit of the wood-shed part, and I don't know how high it was, but pretty high!