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Getting warmer...and colder

January was unseasonably warm here and February is trying to make up for it by being intensely cold! The wind-chill got down to something like -45 last night. Thank goodness the heater in our pack-shed is fully functional and keeping it nice and warm in there.

With the practically balmy temperatures last week and weekend, we were able to work on several outdoor projects.

Jeremy finally got back to the fruiting chamber and sealing it up on the outside.

Before (getting the old window and door spots filled in, and cleaning snow off the roof):

During (getting the new roof on and getting the building all wrapped up):


The siding is only on this one side as of a few days ago. Two sides to go, but it's already buttoned up so much better and feeling much warmer inside.

While Jeremy was working on the fruiting chamber, I was building racks for the firewood so we could stack it more easily - and put a stop to the crashing piles we kept having!

Before (the pile in the back has actually fallen and is leaning against the wall):

After (it makes my organizing heart happy!):

The guys continue to log three days a week, bringing home some pretty impressive loads. It has been relatively comfortable temperature-wise, but Friday was quite cold and it will be even colder tomorrow! But they're powering through because we're getting so close!

Another load many to go?

Our goal is about 4,300 logs this year so we have just over 1,500 to go!

Hopefully we'll start inoculations in another three or four weeks. And hopefully these ridiculous cold temperatures will be behind us and spring will be on the way!

CSA sign-up season has arrived

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for folks to come together to support local farmers and make sure they can keep farming - and you get a box of veggies every week throughout the growing season. Many CSA farms now offer add-ons - extra items produced either by that farm or another.

Every year we offer a mushroom add-on through a number of CSAs - so you can have mushrooms in your CSA box along with all those yummy veggies! We have finalized our list of CSA partners for 2021. We're excited to be working with almost all the same farms from last year, and a few new ones too!

If you're in the market for a CSA veggie box and want some mushrooms on the side, take a look at any of these excellent CSAs:

Blackbrook Farm

Farm Farm

Fresh Earth Farms - new!

Good Acre

Growing Lots Urban Farm

Shared Ground Farmers Co-op

Sogn Valley - new!

Sweet Top - new!

Threshing Table Farm

Turnip Rock - new! We won't have an add-on with Turnip Rock, but we'll have products listed in their online farm stand.

Lastly, we are certainly bringing back our direct from Northwood Mushrooms CSA this summer! In case you already have a CSA and it's not one of those listed above. We'll have more details and a sign up available with the newsletter next month so stay tuned!


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