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Happy New Year!

We are grateful that we’ve arrived in a new year and we hope it is a better year for us and for all of you!

Our New Years tradition is to look back over everything we accomplished the year before and then make some goals and plans for the new year. Every year when we review, there are things that we planned to do that we didn’t get to or even decided not to do after all. And every year we are amazed by all the things we did do, many of which we hadn’t planned on doing! Most importantly this year, we are thankful for everyone who continues to support us and buy our mushrooms. Without you, we wouldn’t have this farm anymore. Especially after this year! 2021 goal: keep providing tasty mushrooms and mushroom products to all of you!

So, what have we been up to for the last month? A few things of course!

First, work continues with the new fruiting chamber and pack shed – but VERY slowly. We’re hoping we’ll have a burst of energy for the fruiting chamber soon, but right now we’re more focused on getting it a bit warmer in the pack shed. First step: getting a heater installed.

First, Jeremy installed some framing up in the pack shed rafters:

Then we settled the heater on the forks of the skidsteer and very, very carefully maneuvered it up into place, while managing not to run into the garage door track, or garage door, or any of the tables.

Jeremy spent a while up in the rafters attaching the heater to the framing:

Voila! We have a heater installed!