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Log kit check-up

Back in March and April Jeremy taught two mushroom basics workshops (online!) and folks put together log kits in their own homes as Jeremy showed them how. So we ended up with two oyster log kits of our own.

We set them up on the counter in our laundry area and put a piece of cardboard over them to keep the direct sun off – and there they sat for months and months, slowly buried by all the things that accumulate on counter tops. I realized we’d hit the 4-month incubation time and it was time to move those kits outdoors! So if anyone reading this did our class and you haven’t moved your log kit outdoors yet, it’s high time!

I unburied the kits and found the mycelium had grown VERY well. 

Growing on the counter! This is why you shouldn’t incubate these on carpet or your hardwood floors. This mycelium came off the counter just fine, but we have a permanent mycelium “stain” on the carpet in the mudroom from previous log kits!

You can see the white mycelium through the bag, in between the layers, and it’s growing through the bag. 

Mycelium growing through the bag on the top too.

Jeremy moved the kits out to our shade structure where the mycelium will keep spreading. Since these are grey dove oysters, they are fall fruiters and we probably won’t see any mushrooms on them until around September at the earliest. Make sure your kits are in a sheltered, mostly shady spot. Check in on them every now and then to make sure they’re doing okay and critters haven’t knocked them over. 

We’ll check back in when the weather starts to cool and see what happens!


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