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Recipe: Mac ‘n Cheese ‘n Mushrooms

This might just be the laziest (or weirdest) recipe to date! Last week I had an excellent lunch all ready…and then I forgot it at the farm. Back in Minneapolis the stores were closed and I had nothing in the kitchen but a few boxes of macaroni and cheese…and mushrooms of course! Could those work together? I was willing to try!

Jeremy sauteed up a bunch of our baby shiitake and some garlic. I thought the garlic might be getting a little too weird, but it was good!

So… prepare your Mac ‘n Cheese according to package directions. While the water is boiling you can heat a pan on medium high and saute your mushrooms. You can use our packaged babies (which have the stems removed and are quite small, so no chopping needed) or you can chop up larger shiitake. Once they’re good and cooked, you can add some minced garlic (a clove or two) and saute for maybe a minute. Garlic burns fast so keep an eye on it.

Once the macaroni and cheese is complete and dished up, pile some yummy sauteed garlic and mushrooms on top. Yum!

mac n cheese n mushrooms


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