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Summer is coming!

Okay, I know summer is still a little way off - but the summer farmers market starts this coming Saturday! And everything is so green! And flowers are blooming! And little mystery plants are popping up everywhere!

This looks familiar...but I can't remember what you become... sunflower? squash of some sort? And who planted you there? I didn't!

Okay, so it did snow practically every day this week (even today!) but nothing stuck and I think winter is finally exhausted. Hopefully!

We had a less productive inoculating week last week because we all got the second vaccine on Thursday morning! Hooray! So we each did as much relaxing and as little work as we could manage and we've all pulled through. Phew! Maybe we should plan a "vaccinated folks" get together on the farm sometime this summer. We're so looking forward to the day when we can get together normally with folks!


Spore pushed against my hand to get in a more comfy position. He was very happy to have a napping buddy on Friday when I was recovering from the vaccine!


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