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volunteers save the day!

We have been moving logs into the Minneapolis workshop and other nearby space, but we have also been moving them out again in droves. And this has been possible only with the help of volunteers, who have been putting in hours cleaning logs, plunging spawn into logs, and sealing up these spots with cheese wax.  I have also gotten a some help moving logs after a pick-up from my loggers. Thank you intrepid volunteers!

This is a photo of inoculations, from the drilling station in the foreground to the application of spawn in the middle ground, to the waxing station in the background.  Then the logs rest nearby until I get a chance to move them out to the farm.  We have inoculated over 200 logs so far this season, and we are now inoculating about 20+ per day.

We get a lot done, but we’ve also had some good discussions about mushrooms, farming, food, and some life stories.  Let me know if you’d be interested in volunteering, now or later in the season.  See the volunteer tab for more details.


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