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Where to Buy Dried Mushrooms

If you're looking for where to buy dried mushrooms, check out our Wisconsin Mushroom Farm's online shop!

Where to Buy Dried Mushrooms

Our Northwood Mushrooms farm in Clayton, Wisconsin grows organic shiitake and other specialty mushrooms. We are proud that our mushrooms are grown on local, sustainably-harvested logs from the woods around our farm. We also grow some of our mushrooms in-ground in raised beds, or indoors on blocks. Check out some photos of some of our dried mushrooms below, and buy dried mushrooms in our online shop. We ship our dried mushrooms anywhere in the USA.

Dried Mushrooms Customer Testimonial from Colorado:

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your dried mushrooms. They were absolutely gorgeous when rehydrated, they looked like freshly picked mushrooms!We used them in soup and stir fries, and they are absolutely delicious.” - Idelle Our dried mushroom blend contains shiitake, oyster, and butterscotch (nameko) mushrooms. After being simply rehydrated in water for an hour, they look like they've just been harvested! Our dried mushrooms have the same qualities of fresh mushrooms, but you can keep them in your cupboard and use them when you want them. Buy Dried Mushrooms to be Shipped to You! You can buy a 6-pack of our log-grown dried mushrooms and keep the pantry stocked! Or checkout our 6-pack of our Unami Blend of Dried mushrooms, which includes shiitake, maitake (hen of the woods), and chestnut mushrooms.

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