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Where to Buy Dried Mushrooms

If you're looking for where to buy dried mushrooms, check out our Wisconsin Mushroom Farm's online shop!

Where to Buy Dried Mushrooms

Our Northwood Mushrooms farm in Clayton, Wisconsin grows organic shiitake and other specialty mushrooms. We are proud that our mushrooms are grown on local, sustainably-harvested logs from the woods around our farm. We also grow some of our mushrooms in-ground in raised beds, or indoors on blocks. Check out some photos of some of our dried mushrooms below, and buy dried mushrooms in our online shop. We ship our dried mushrooms anywhere in the USA.

Dried Mushrooms Customer Testimonial from Colorado:

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your dried mushrooms. They were absolutely gorgeous when rehydrated, they looked like freshly picked mushrooms!We used them in soup and stir fries, and they are absolutely delicious.” - Idelle Our dried mushroom blend contains shiitake, oyster, and butterscotch (nameko) mushrooms. After being simply rehydrated in water for an hour, they look like they've just been harvested! Our dried mushrooms have the same qualities of fresh mushrooms, but you can keep them in your cupboard and use them when you want them. Buy Dried Mushrooms to be Shipped to You! You can buy a 6-pack of our log-grown dried mushrooms and keep the pantry stocked! Or checkout our 6-pack of our Unami Blend of Dried mushrooms, which includes shiitake, maitake (hen of the woods), and chestnut mushrooms.

Where to buy dried mushrooms - Wisconsin Mushroom Farm Northwood Mushrooms

To rehydrate our quality dried mushrooms, pour water over the mushrooms and let soak until soft, usually it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to rehydrate them. Don’t discard the liquid - you can add the mushroom soaking liquid to your dish.

One of our bags of dried mushrooms should plump up to about six ounces of rich and flavorful mushrooms. Use these delicacies in dishes like cream soup, quiche, risotto, or savory crepe. All our mushrooms are grown on our Mushroom farm in Western Wisconsin.

Our log-grown dried mushrooms were grown on logs outdoors, so they're packed with vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals. Did you know that outdoor grown mushrooms are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D? In fact, mushrooms are one of the only non-animal sources of Vitamin D!

For loads of wonderful dishes you can make with our dried mushrooms, check out our Mushroom Recipes » Any of these recipes can use dried mushrooms, just rehydrate them to enjoy in the dishes of your choice. The great thing about buying dried mushrooms is that you can have them on-hand anytime to whip up something delicious with mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms are wonderful, but they're perishable and not always available – so our dried mushrooms can be in your cupboard for use anytime all year-long! You'll be amazed at how fresh they look after soaking, like they were just harvested from the forest!


If you're looking to buy quality dried mushrooms, we'd love to ship some to you! Buy dried mushrooms in our online shop, thank you for supporting our Wisconsin Mushroom Farm!

A little more about us:

Northwood Mushrooms is owned and run by Jeremy and Aimee McAdams. We started our first logs in our side yard in Minneapolis in 2009 and the farm has just grown and grown since then! Aimee has an off-farm job to support the farm and Jeremy works full time on the farm. When there is any free time, we enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders, reading, watching movies, and snuggling with Spore, the farm cat. Read our story » Thank you for supporting our small Wisconsin Mushroom Farm!


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